Saturday, 14 June 2014

BBC Good Food Show Live - Summer 2014

Hello Everyone

So i have just got back from a fun filled day at the good food show live at the NEC Birmingham.
I had been looking forward to the show for a few weeks and i must say that i really enjoyed it.

I went along with my family and split off from my parents with my sister while they looked at the Gardeners World show me and my sophie leisurely took a look around the food stalls.

No only was there things i had never tasted before but also things i had never seen! I managed to taste some spicy banana ketchup which was surprisingly nice and not something i would normally think about trying, some smoked cheese which tasted amazing and some yummy ice cream  which was great since the weather was so nice.

Also since i am now eighteen and wasn't having to drive, me and my mother took it upon ourselves to try every sample of alcohol that was being offered and i must say i have never tasted so many different flavours of vodka, from cucumber to marshmallow flavour!

The stall were all very well presented and the overall experience was very fun and a great family day. A few things that i wished i had done though was book in for a sit down meal in the onsite good food show restaurant and also possibly booked in for the cocktail making class :)